Know when you will get pension money deducted in PF & process of withdrawals

Know when you will get pension money deducted in PF & process of withdrawals Do you know that the PF money deducted from your salary is deposited in which item. No, then know Actually, the money of the PF of the jobbers is deposited in two items. The first is deposited in the Employees Provident […]

Ways to check Employee Provident Fund Balance in India

Ways to check Employee Provident Fund Balance in India Are you a subscriber of Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and want to get the information about the amount deposited in the EPF account, then this news is special for you. You can get information about the deposit amount through missed call, unified member portal, SMS […]

Various options to check Provident Fund Balance (EPF) online

In Corona Epidemic (COVID-19) lockdown, people especially salary class are going through a financial crisis. If you want to withdraw money from your Provident Fund account in the meantime, this is possible at this time. For that you have to have some special information about your EPFO. Usually, the excess amount deducted from the salary […]

Know the process for withdrawing advance from your PF Account

Due to the Corona virus pandemic, the central government allowed the withdrawal of advance amount from the Employees Provident Fund i.e. EPF.  However, the government gave the exemption only for a certain period of time i.e. period  during lockdown and thereafter to alleviate the trouble of the people who were facing financial crisis or cash […]


This Act applies to every industrial establishment wherein 100 or more workmen are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding twelve months. So, employers of industrial establishment engaging 100 or more workmen are required to obtain a certified standing order for their establishment. Provided that the appropriate Government may, after giving not […]

Procedure / steps to activate UAN from the website – Provident Fund

You cannot do this without PF account work without activating UAN Any company in India with more than 20 employees is required to open a PF account. PF or Employees Provident Fund (EPF), to be deposited by both the employee and the employer. This money is deducted from your monthly salary every month. An equal […]