October 29, 2020

CBDT has issued refunds : How to check tax refund

The Income Tax Department has given Diwali gifts to people even before Diwali. CBDT has issued refunds of Rs 1,23,474 crore to its 38.11 lakh taxpayers.

Refunds are issued between April 1, 2020 and October 13, 2020, according to the Income Tax Department. It has been issued to 36.21 lakh people. Rs. 33442 crore Personal Income Tax and Rs. 90,032 crore Corporate Tax which have been issued to 1.89 lakh taxpayers.

The Income Tax Department said the refund refund process has been expedited after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the Self-Reliant India Scheme. No one will have to request an income tax refund this year.

The CBDT said those who have not received a refund should respond to the email immediately so that they can receive a refund as soon as possible. The entire refund process is online and fast.

Understand here if you also want to check if your refund has been received or not?

How to check tax refund

  1. Taxpayers If you want to check the tax refund, you have to open the Income Tax Department website www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.
  2. Log in by entering the user ID and password here.
  3. Click on ‘View Returns / Forms’.
  4. Click on ‘Income Tax Returns’.
  5. Click on the acknowledgment number, which will be a hyperlink. Select FY 2019-20, Assessment Year AY 2020-21.

In it you will see the status of your tax refund wherein mode of payment, clearance date and refund amount are mentioned.

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