How Are You : Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be YOU

How are you sir!!!

Hope you are healthy and everyone in the family will be healthy too. Please take care of yourself and your family and avoid going out in public for a while. You are invaluable to your family and this society and to me. I wish every one of my friends, elders and family to be healthy.

Be happy wherever you are.

It is not very much important to meet you personally but important to have your presence in this world. “Health is everything”

Manohar Parrikar, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley.  All of them had money, position, ability but due to busy work life, probably they could not pay attention to health and it can be said that they lost their life…..

Mr. Jaitley was very fond of food specially Jalebi, samosas were favorites even though he has diabetes. Hence kidney failed and diagnosed with cancer and died. Mr. Jaitley wanted to living a retired life among the mountains but that dream remained unfulfilled.

From on these cases what do we learn?

It is reasonable to die of old age but it is wrong to die because of an illness. There are two main reasons why this happens.

[1] Excessive physical rest and
[2] Excessive mental fatigue.

Just save yourself from these 2 things.

Never work for anyone being hungry or thirsty .. not even for your own children.  Because only if your body is healthy, you will be able to take care of the children and not become a burden on them (that is in the profit ..)

There is no end to the desires and if it has in the destiny, you will get it one day at right time, so work appropriately but do not worry about this at all. Position, money, everything is important in life but first of all it is your body.  If you save it, your life is meaningful..

If the mind is happy and contented, then the body will automatically be stayed fit and if the mind is detached, it will also spoil the body.

And remember one thing that ..

Everyone cries when the body dies but we have to cry self when the mind dies.

That requires contentment.

Don’t expect too much or have big dreams and be satisfied with what you have. Maybe you can’t get the height of the sky but you can get the happy world that you need.

A king goes out to find out the condition of his soldiers.  He approached an old soldier who seemed a little restless in the cold and asked if he felt cold.

So that soldier said that it seems so but it has been a habit for years, there is no problem with it. The king said that I will send warm clothes tomorrow for you so that that there will be relief. The king made this promise and gone from there. Later, the king forgot his promise.

6 days later that soldier died of a cold and before going, he written a letter to the king that .. I was on duty In the same clothes for years and tolerated cold but you come, giving hope of warm clothes and weaken my mind. Your that promise took my life.

Never let an overdose of hope, dreams and expectations happen in life. Never depend on any person or thoughts. Dependency always makes a person weak.  Live as “Gabbar yourself”.

Live on your own strength, your own endurance, your own strength. So illness will never come. Instead of being overwhelmed by the current pandemic situation & economic downturn, learn that this time is teaching you a lot.

Everyone has a big and invaluable asset if any is a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Only you can maintain both of these yourself, no one else if they want to do it for you.

Stay happy & healthy!!!!!!


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