December 2, 2020

How to overcome depression in routine life?

Getting a little bit of stress is a part of our life and it can be beneficial at times.  We can do our job better when we feel normal stress on ourselves to do a task and also maintain enthusiasm while doing that task.  But when this stress becomes excessive and uncontrollable, it has a negative effect on our brain and body and this often turns into depression, and the person is not even aware of it.

Experts say that if this serious disease is not controlled in time, a person can lose his life. Treatment of depression is possible through psychological and pharmacological. However, psychiatrists believe that making some special changes at home can also help relieve depression.

  1. Mental fatigue is relieved by experiencing natural beauty up close. This can be very effective in getting rid of the problem of depression. Planting beautiful plants at home can also help keep depression at bay.
  2. Beautiful painting on the wall will not only put goodness in the appearance of the house but will also eliminate the problem of depression. You can also put beautiful pictures of river, flowing stream or nature on the wall if you want.
  3. Health experts believe that red or orange colour relieves eyes and brain during depression. So, don’t forget to paint the wall of the house with these two colours. Also, if the interior of the house or the bed sheet is of this colour, it will be best.
  4. Be aware that a person’s mind is more confused in a closed room. That is why there is always light coming from the door of the house. The windows in the room should be large so that you can wake up every morning and experience the sunshine and fresh air. Following this type of routine can relieve the problem of depression.

Home Remedy for depression

  • Patients with depression should drink plenty of water and consume more fruits and vegetables which are high in water.
  • Eat beetroot, it contains the right amount of nutrients such as vitamins, folate, uridine and magnesium etc. These act like neurotransmitters in our brain that work to change the mood in a patient with depression.
  • Eat tomatoes in your meals as well as in the form of salads. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps fight depression. According to a study, people who eat tomatoes 4-6 times a week are less depressed than normal.
  • Quit junk food intake altogether.

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