New Corona Guidelines for the workplace : No need to close work if less case of corona detected

New Corona Guidelines for the workplace : No need to close work if less case of corona detected

The Union Health Ministry on Sunday announced a new SOP about the office or workplace. According to it, if a case of corona is found in an office, work can be resumed after disinfecting the area. This does not require closing or sealing the entire building.

According to the ministry, if 1 or 2 cases are found in an office, the disinfection process will only take place where the patient has been present for the last 48 hours. Work can then be resumed as per protocol. If a large number of corona cases occur in the workplace, the entire block or building should be disinfected.

The guidelines state that all offices in the content zone will be closed except for medical and necessity services. Only offices outside the containment zone will be allowed. As far as possible, all meetings must be by video-conference. The ban on more people coming together will remain in place. Officers and staff living in the containment zone will have to inform their management about this. He should not come to the office until the containment zone is over. Instead such employees should be allowed to work from home.

It will also require hand washing and thermal screening when entering the workplace. Only staff and visitors who do not have a corona symptoms will be allowed entry. The ministry said all staff and visitors should take measures to prevent corona, including maintaining a distance of 6 feet, using a face cover or mask and the habit of constant hand washing.

Frequent stumbling blocks should be cleaned at least 2 times. Office and other workplaces are connected to each other. That’s why here, corona can spread quickly in elevators, stairs, parking, canteens, meeting rooms and conference halls. The transition needs to be prevented from spreading. Necessary measures need to be taken when corona suspects are identified, so that the spread can be limited.

This needs to be taken care of:

  1. The SOP said the number of people in the elevator would be fixed to maintain social distance.
  2. CPWD’s command for air conditioning and ventilation should be followed.
  3. The temperature of the air conditioner should be between 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity should be in the range of 40 to 70.
  4. There should be adequate arrangement of cross ventilation in the workplace.
  5. Adherence to social distance should be determined at all times in any shop, stall, cafeteria or canteen outside and inside the office campus.
  6. Staff should check their temperature in time. If it is an illness or a flu-like symptom, it should be shown to a doctor immediately.
  7. Staff and waiters should take other necessary measures, including wearing masks and gloves.
  8. Seating arrangements should be such that staff are at least 6 feet apart.

According to the new guidelines, hand washing and thermal screening will still be required at the time of entry into the workplace.

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