Fixation of minimum wages under New Labour Code (Section – 6)

Fixation of Wages under The Code on Wages – 2019 Fixation of minimum wages ( Section – 6) This section provides for fixation of the minimum wages by the appropriate government subject to the powers of central government for fixing floor wage. In any case, the minimum wage rate shall not be less than the […]

Minimum Wages under The Codes on Wages – 2019 : (Chapter – 2)

Minimum Wages under The Codes on Wages – 2019 : (Chapter – 2) The Code on Wages – 2019 Chapter – 2: Minimum Wages Payment of Minimum wages notified by appropriate government (Clause / Section  – 5) This section provides for payment of minimum rate of wages. No employee shall be paid the wages lower […]

Various Definitions under “The Code on Wages – 2019”

Various Definitions under “The Code on Wages – 2019”   Definitions (Clause / Section – 2) This clause defines various definitions relevant to this act as under; Section 2. In this Code, unless the context otherwise requires, –– (a) “accounting year” means the year commencing on the 1st day of April; (b) “Advisory Board” means […]

The Code on Wages – 2019 : Chapter – 1 – Preliminary

The Code on Wages – 2019 : Chapter – 1 – Preliminary   Short titles, extent and commencement (Clause / Section – 1) Section 1.  (1). This Act may be called the Code on Wages, 2019. (2) It extends to the whole of India. (3) It shall come into force on such date as the […]

The silent features of the Code on Wages – 2019

Under the proposed Labour reforms recommendations by 2nd National Commission on labour, Central government has introduced various Labour codes such as; The Code on wages 2019 The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code The Code on Social Security The Industrial Relations Code The code on wages – 2019 is the simplified and uniform legislation […]

Various options to check Provident Fund Balance (EPF) online

In Corona Epidemic (COVID-19) lockdown, people especially salary class are going through a financial crisis. If you want to withdraw money from your Provident Fund account in the meantime, this is possible at this time. For that you have to have some special information about your EPFO. Usually, the excess amount deducted from the salary […]

Labour Reforms in India : The Ministry of Labor and Employment, in a bill passed in Parliament, has proposed a maximum of 12 working hours.

The Modi Government has made significant improvements in working hours. A bill passed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Parliament has proposed to increase working hours. According to the new proposal, a person can be work for a maximum of 12 hours a day. At present, there is a provision to work a […]

Brexit may be a blow to the world but benefit India tremendously, lead in to employment generation in India

Brexit may be a shock for Europe, UK or other countries of the world but it is beneficial for Indian firms as well as Indian citizens. Brexit will create a lot of jobs for Indians, especially of Custom Staff. There is a shortage of skilled customs staff in the UK to handle post-Brexit customs documents […]